This latest innovation highlights Allocate’s commitment to continue developing workforce optimisation solutions for real-world challenges in the high-pressure offshore industry

Allocate Software, a provider of offshore and maritime workforce optimisation software, has extended the capabilities of the company’s OffshoreSuite platform with the launch of the Allocate Notification System.  The latest addition to OffshoreSuite is now available to all new and existing customers of Allocate Software, even companies not using OffshoreSuite, as the system works with any application.  Today’s announcement further underlines Allocate’s commitment to listening to customers and collaborating closely with them to develop efficient, future-proof solutions that overcome the real-world challenges they face in the competitive, often dangerous offshore and maritime industries.

Andrew Carwardine, General Manager Worldwide, Defence & Maritime at Allocate Software commented, “We take time to understand the key issues in our customers’ industries and their everyday hurdles and opportunities, in order to build a valuable and effective product strategy.  Our new Notification System makes life easier for managers and staff alike.  It harnesses the power of critical data and turns it into meaningful automated notifications to enable staff to address the challenges of offshore projects in a proactive way.”

Allocate Notification System quickly captures information, translates it into simple email alerts to help skilled, experienced planners and crew members to focus on what they do best by delivering efficient workforce optimisation.  Easy to use and easy to configure, the Allocate Notification System can be purchased as a standalone system or, in the case of existing customers, it is designed to perform seamlessly alongside both current and future versions of the OffshoreSuite workforce planning and optimisation platform.

By deploying the automated Notification System from Allocate Software, users can:

  • Communicate important data events – the new solution automatically identifies and reminds all relevant crew members when it is time to renew important documentation such as passports, licences or visas
  • Flag up important changes the module enables managers to keep on top of multiple worldwide schedules by letting the right people know what specific changes have been made, and how and by when they should be approved
  • Manage exceptions before they become real issues – automated notifications flag up potential issues to enable staff to manage and re-deploy resources effectively, for example, if crew members will not be signing-on when they should be or key personnel are delayed at an airport, and are likely to miss their vessel.

To find out more about Allocate Notification System visit or email  Existing customers should contact their personal Allocate Software account manager directly.


About Allocate Software

Allocate Software was founded in 1991 and is today a leading provider of healthcare, maritime and defence workforce deployment software.  Headquartered in London, and with offices throughout the UK, the company operates worldwide offices in Canberra (Australia), Sydney (Australia), Stockholm (Sweden) and Skopje (Macedonia) and employs more than 350 people.

Allocate Software serves over 500 customers globally.  Its comprehensive range of OffshoreSuite, HealthSuite and DefenceSuite solutions are designed to underpin complex workforce management in safety critical and high skill level environments, delivering both safe staffing and productivity savings.

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