Media Relations is a Marathon not a Sprint

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Building awareness and profile for your brand is a medium to long term goal. 

 While you can attract online headlines almost instantly with an eye-catching story, it is almost as quickly forgotten.  The old adage that today’s news is tomorrow’s chip wrappers is still true in the digital age (although there are probably more health and safety regulations around wrapping food in old newspapers now).

Plan to succeed – a step at a time

In these days of instant gratification and click bait, you need a steady stream of stories and press comment to keep your brand in the spotlight.  This is where a media relations plan comes in – much like a training plan to complete a marathon.  Regular information being drip fed into the media will be a far more effective way of keeping your story alive and your brand part of the conversation.

While it might seem like a monumental task to find news every month, by the time you have taken into account:

  • Product developments
  • New customer or partner testimonials
  • Corporate announcements
  • Thought leadership
  • Topical industry comment

There is nearly always something new to say to generate a varied and interesting news programme.

Now add in the forward feature schedules of your top target publications and you can start to proactively pitch stories.  Once you start engaging with editors and journalists, they will come back to you for comment.

Engage a personal trainer

As marketing managers are typically always busy and often spread too thinly, media relations can seem like one activity too many.  With the best will in the world, PR it tends to drop down the To Do list as more pressing tasks with impending deadlines, take precedence.

If this is the case, much like training for a marathon, maybe it is time to engage some help.  At PR Artistry we can act as your personal trainer, although unlike a PT, we’ll actually do the work as well, leaving you to pick up the medal at the end.


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