Anderson Zaks provides innovative new payment transaction option widening choice for merchants and customers
Anderson Zaks has announced a new partnership with Tola Mobile, a mobile payment service provider, to develop a new payment solution for customers using their mobile phones. The new payment option monetizes credit on mobile phones, both pay as you go (PAYG) and contract phones, enabling customers to pay for goods and services at point of sale with their phone number (or just using their phone). The solution combines Anderson Zaks’ payment gateway integrated with Tola Mobile’s billing platform and provides an innovative extension to Anderson Zaks’ existing card payment services.

Anderson Zaks and Tola Mobile will be demonstrating the solution at the Tola and Vodafone Event, ‘Monetising Mobile& Digital engagement, in London on 4th October, 2017. The event will cover the issues and challenges of the technology, customer engagement, mobile and payment spectrum and has over 2000 attendees expected.

Anderson Zaks has a track record of providing innovative payment solutions designed to customers’ specific needs with experience in several niche sectors including ticketing, on-board payments for the travel and transportation industry, mobile and valued added services. Tola Mobile’s billing platform enables customers to charge transactions to an e-wallet or phone account, making it easy for merchants and mobile network operators to support customer transactions on mobiles without costly IT investment.

The new solution enables customers to pay at point of sale with their mobile phone instead of using debit or credit card. The telephone number is typed into the chip and pin device connected to the Anderson Zaks/Tola Mobile payment platform which determines the network and value of the credit stored (PAYG) or contract credit. Once validated, an authentication number is sent back to the mobile, which the phone owner types into chip and pin or gives to the merchant to authorise the sale and confirm the transaction. The benefit to the merchant is that the transaction is handled at no cost, unlike the charges on credit and debit cards.
Iain High, Managing Director at Anderson Zaks commented; “This new solution will offer merchants a real alternative to cash and card credit and debit card payments and widen their payment choices for customers. For Anderson Zaks working with Tola Mobile to deliver this additional flexible mobile phone payment option extends our portfolio as a payment gateway provider to offer additional alternative payment transaction solutions for merchants now and for the future.”

Jonathan Davison, Head of Business Development at Tola Mobile said: “Anderson Zaks is a dynamic and entrepreneurial company that really knows the payments market. Their reputation in the sector makes them the partner of choice for us as we introduce this new technology into the competitive payments market. This latest solution presents an innovative way of liberating stored credit and enables consumers to pay with the convenience of their mobile phones.”
Anderson Zaks has a broad and varied customer base that ranges from small and medium sized enterprises to large multinational organisations. Anderson Zaks currently handles payment transactions from over 12,000 user sites and over £3 billion transactions each year.



About Tola Mobile
Tola Mobile is a mobile payment service provider that takes the hassle, cost and risk out of buying goods and services by allowing consumers to pay directly from their mobile phone.
With its mobile payment products, customers simply charge transactions to an e-wallet or phone account. Tola Mobile makes it easy for merchants and mobile network operators to capitalise on the latest technology and deliver the best customer experience – without requiring costly IT investment.
It is the fastest-growing mobile payment provider in Africa thanks to Tola Wallet, and is rapidly expanding in Europe with Tola MobilePay.
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About Anderson Zaks
Anderson Zaks is a leading omni-channel Payment Service Provider (PSP) based in the UK, delivering highly reliable, fast and secure payment processing services to many hundreds of businesses located across the UK Europe, Middle East and USA.
Anderson Zaks addresses the payments needs of small and medium sized enterprises through to multi-national corporations, and operates in a variety of markets through sector specialist partners. Anderson Zaks customers benefit from flexibility, personalised customer care, independence (from both acquirer and hardware manufacturer) and extensive experience.
RedCard Processing Services provides authorisation, settlement and a range of value added transaction services. RedCard supports Chip and PIN, contactless, and e-commerce transactions and has connections to all UK and several European acquirers.

Anderson Zaks takes security very seriously, its RedCard Payment Gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, and its RedCard software is PA-DSS validated.

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