Continued investment in Datix improves incident reporting and dramatically reduces the number of serious incidents at nine independent healthcare facilities

Aspen Healthcare, the operator of four private acute hospitals, two cancer centres and three ambulatory day surgery centres, has extended its investment in Datix software to support the organisation’s updated Quality Governance Framework. The framework is designed to promote best practice processes and drive continual improvements in patient safety and care which is underpinned by data and information from Datix. Improved incident reporting has had a direct and positive impact and while Aspen Healthcare increased patient contacts by 14%, the number of serious incidents were reduced by 65% year-on-year, for the period 2013-2014.

Aspen Healthcare has expanded its original Datix implementation to cover incident, safety alerts, risk management and complaints. It also uses the Datix Dashboard module. Judi Ingram, Group Clinical Director at Aspen Healthcare commented, “Excellence is at the heart of everything we do and we aim for quality to be incorporated into every level of our business. From the outset, it was clear that maximising the full potential of the Datix system was a key priority. Improving staff awareness, with a greater understanding of the value and importance of incident reporting was essential. Plus ensuring staff received something back from the Datix ‘box’ in terms of shared learning and improvements to patient care and safety, was critical to supporting our new Quality Governance Framework effectively. This would enable us to innovate readily and respond to new initiatives to benefit our patients and ensure the quality and safety of the care they receive.”

Aspen Healthcare relies on information from Datix because it provides a reliable insight into patient safety across the organisation. Consistent processes combined with measurable KPIs on Quality Governance dashboards encourage staff to record patient safety and near miss incidents including such things as pressure ulcers, returns to theatre and cancelled operations. In addition to reporting anything that is a concern to staff which they think needs investigating.

Judi Ingram added, “Patient safety is often seen by staff as ‘a given’ but can also be hard to articulate effectively but using Datix helps with this. It is much easier than relying on multiple spreadsheets that are time consuming, often prone to error and are so quickly out of date. With Datix, the information is 100% accessible by everyone and the sheer granularity of the detail provided gives clinicians and managers alike the evidence they need to highlight problem areas quickly and then take swift, corrective action. This boosts staff morale, minimises the risk of recurring issues and improves patient safety.”

With a focus on continual improvement, Aspen Healthcare is always looking for new ways to extend the Datix solution. It is currently implementing the Datix Risk Register module to drive the proactive management of risk and is aiming to further embed the Complaints Management module. The Datix Safety Alerts module is increasingly providing the robust oversight required of where they are at any point of time in ensuring alerts are actioned.

Jonathan Hazan, Director at Datix, concluded: “Effecting culture change is often the biggest hurdle in any organisation but the graphical displays afforded by Datix keep tabs on progress made against KPIs and keep patient safety front of mind at all times. The visual nature of Datix Dashboards makes it popular and easy to use. At Aspen Healthcare, Datix is helping staff to understand the true meaning of data that has the power to drive change, and change for the better, because it ultimately facilitates the delivery of excellent patient care.”

About Aspen Healthcare

Originally established in 1998, Aspen Healthcare is the owner and operator of four highly regarded private acute hospitals, two cancer centres and three ambulatory day surgery centres. Medical services provided range from outpatient clinics and diagnostic screening to complex surgery and specialised cancer treatments. The organisation has 17 theatres and approximately 250 beds. In 2014, it handled 42,000 admissions, 312,000 outpatient and diagnostic visits and generated revenues of £113 million.

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About Datix

Datix has been a pioneer in the field of patient safety since 1986 and is today a leading supplier of software for patient safety, risk management, incident and adverse event reporting. Datix aims to help healthcare organisations build a culture and practice that drives excellence in patient safety. It recruits and retains people committed to the healthcare sector and continually invests in its software and services to ensure that it integrates best practice and learning.

Datix is focused on the health and social care sector. Its customers include public and private hospitals, primary care providers, GP surgeries, mental health and ambulance service providers. Its clients also include organisations delivering care home and domiciliary care services. Within the UK this includes more than 75% of the National Health Service. Internationally the Datix client base is growing rapidly and includes large scale deployments in Canada and the USA as well as clients in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Datix is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. To learn more, visit or call +44 (0)20 8971 1971

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