Becrypt’s end user security solution tVolution meets rigorous government requirements to enable safe remote working and enterprise Thin Client for public sector organisations

London, UK, 24 March, 2015 – Becrypt, a leading supplier of security products to Government and industry, has announced that CESG, the UK’s National Technical Authority on Information Assurance, has published its End User Devices Security Guidance on Becrypt tVolution. The comprehensive guidance follows testing on a standard laptop device in a working IT environment and includes an assessment of tVolution against twelve security recommendations. The guidance provides reassurance to public sector organisations including councils, the NHS and government departments, that sensitive data to OFFICIAL level is protected when deploying Becrypt end user devices for staff to work remotely.
tVolution is a locked down, customisable Linux operating system that is easy to deploy on desktops, laptop, netbook or thin client devices. It provides built-in security (encryption, firewall, application and peripheral control) removing the need for additional third party security packages and significantly reduces management costs. tVolution can either be used as a traditional thin client solution on a client premises or deployed for staff to work remotely with a secure connection to a VPN.
For UK Government organisations, tVolution can be configured for remote access to OFFICIAL (Tier 1) systems and enables access to OFFICIAL email, documents and intranet resources and the Internet. It also fulfils the Code of Connection (CoCo) requirements that only managed devices are used to remotely access the Public Services Network (PSN).
Dr Bernard Parsons, CEO at Becrypt, said; “The guidance published by CESG endorses Becrypt’s position as a leading supplier of security solutions that support the way that organisations wish to work. tVolution has been designed to provide a managed end user device solution for the enterprise. We are seeing increasing numbers of public sector organisations adopt tVolution as they look to provide flexible ways of working for staff that boost productivity and reduce costs, while safeguarding sensitive corporate data.”

Centrally managed using Becrypt Enterprise Manager, devices can be configured and personalised for each user within minutes to meet the unique requirements of each organisation, be that Virtual Desktop Infrastructures or simple Web Applications.
The security criteria that tVolution met included authentication, allowing the user to logon using their domain credential, as well as requiring no additional configuration to maintain the integrity of the secure platform. Supporting application whitelisting and malicious code detection and prevention were also among the criteria listed.
A full copy of the guidance can be downloaded from the government website;

About Becrypt
Becrypt is a leading supplier of innovative mobile security solutions and services that are Government-certified, and suitable for many industry sectors. Becrypt provides a range of cyber security solutions to protect data at rest and data in use, across a broad range of platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, running Windows, iOS and Android. Becrypt’s secure thin client technology supports virtual data infrastructure (VDI) access, enabling secure and rapid IT transformation within the enterprise, as well as cost effective secure remote access.

Through its focus on product assurance, multiple platforms and centralised management, Becrypt’s solutions enable the most security conscious organisations to deliver cost effective compliance, whilst maintaining flexibility, choice and usability for their users.

As a leading supplier of encryption technology to the UK Government, Ministry of Defence and UK Police, Becrypt also offers cyber security consultancy and bespoke systems.

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