London, UK, 30 November 2015 – British cyber security specialist, Becrypt, has today announced general availability of Disk Protect, v8.5.0.

This latest version of the popular full disk encryption solution, which comes in a variety of flavours suitable for protecting all levels of classified and commercial data, now provides support for Windows 10 environments. Customers already using Disk Protect for Windows 7 and Windows 8 estates will be able to upgrade Disk Protect to Windows 10 in-place, meaning that there is no requirement to un-install and re-install, saving time and reducing complexity. Becrypt Disk Protect is still the only CESG CPA approved software-based full disk encryption solution for protecting classified data up to OFFICIAL.

Cath Hackett, VP of Product Portfolio at Becrypt, commented: “Findings from the Information Commissioners Office show that in the most recent quarter there was an increase of 22% in data breach incidents resulting from loss or theft of unencrypted devices. Government and defence organisations have always been highly security-conscious, however, with the increase in cybercrime we are now seeing increasing numbers of commercial organisations looking to take a more proactive stance towards protecting data. At Becrypt we are committed to providing robust security products that are transparent and provide a great user experience, supporting the more flexible and mobile way we work today.”

Organisations with desk top, laptop and tablet computers running different operating systems, and with different classifications of data are able to protect the entire estate using a single encryption solution from Becrypt.

Disk Protect is available in several forms for different markets including;
• Disk Protect Standard, for commercial organisations and government organisations where FIPS 140.2 is sufficient
• Disk Protect CPA, CESG approved for data up to OFFICIAL
Higher security variations include:
• Disk Protect Baseline, suitable for enforcing more stringent security policies and CESG approved for use up to OFFICIAL
• Disk Protect Enhanced, suitable for protecting the highest levels of classified data, approved by CESG for use up to TOP SECRET.


About Becrypt
Becrypt is a leading supplier of innovative mobile security solutions and services that are Government-certified, suitable for numerous industry sectors. Becrypt provides a range of cyber security solutions to protect data at rest and data in use across a broad range of platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, running Windows, iOS and Android. Becrypt’s secure thin client technology supports virtual data infrastructure (VDI) access, enabling secure and rapid IT transformation within the enterprise, as well as cost effective secure remote access.
Through its focus on product assurance, multiple platforms and centralised management, Becrypt’s solutions enable the most security conscious organisations to deliver cost effective compliance, whilst maintaining flexibility, choice and usability for their users.
As a leading supplier of encryption technology to the UK Government, Ministry of Defence and UK Police, Becrypt also offers cyber security consultancy and bespoke systems.
Becrypt has offices in London, UK, and McLean, VA, USA. For more information visit:
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