Smaller than a mobile phone, tVolution Mini protects sensitive data and enables multi-agency working for councils’ child protection services

London, UK, 2 July 2015 – Becrypt, a leading supplier of security products to Government and industry, has announced that Cheshire West & Chester Council have chosen tVolution Mini to enable secure access for users from multiple agencies to access its data systems for Child Protection Services. The Council has deployed tVolution Mini, Becrypt’s pocket-sized mini-computer, to enable 300 multiple health and social services agencies – including police, schools, doctors and children’s services – secure access to child protection data that resides on premise within the Councils’ PSN infrastructure.
CoSocius (Cheshire West & Chester Councils’ shared services venture together with Cheshire East Council), has deployed tVolution Mini from Becrypt as a practical, cost effective solution to provide secure and fully managed multi-agency access to a web application that is used to manage all child protection data. The application is used to access all information relating to children including contacts, referrals, assessment, and plans providing a full 360 degree view of a child.
A secure miniature computer device, tVolution Mini plugs into a monitor or TV and, along with a keyboard, mouse and wireless internet access, enables user-friendly, fully-managed secure remote access to the network.
Dave Hudson, CoSocius’ Managing Director said; “The PSN guidelines dictate that access to a Council’s infrastructure must only be through a secure managed endpoint. For Cheshire West & Chester Council this posed a real challenge, for which tVolution Mini was the only solution that solved the key challenges of security, cost and usability.”
“tVolution Mini provides an easy to use, practical solution, is cost effective and enables information to be accessed safely and securely, reducing the risks of data being shared inappropriately. tVolution Mini provides us with a managed endpoint that ultimately helps us to meet our safeguarding targets. We can share up to date information amongst the key parties, which helps us to act faster and protect those children who may be at risk,” said Sonia Bassey, Integrated Early Support Senior Manager – Performance Cheshire West & Chester Council.
Dr Bernard Parsons, CEO at Becrypt, said; “tVolution Mini has been designed to enable remote and mobile working where users need to access a secure and trusted infrastructure. It is ideal for both commercial and public sector organisations since it is easy to deploy and can be centrally managed, without affecting the user experience. For Cheshire West & Chester Council it provides a cost effective, practical solution that helps them to deliver vital and important joined up services across multiple agency partners.”



About Cheshire West & Chester Councils
Cheshire West & Chester Councils serves a population of 331,000 people, covering 350 square miles across Cheshire West and Chester. The borough is located in the North West of England and includes the historic city of Chester and the industrial and market towns of Ellesmere Port, Northwich and Winsford.

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CoSocius Ltd
CoSocius is jointly owned by Cheshire West &Chester and Cheshire East Council and delivers IT, HR and finance services to its Shareholding Councils and other public sector organisations.

The Councils have operated these services as a partnership arrangement since 2009.
CoSocious manages;
• 50,000 payroll and pension payments per month
• 275,000 invoices per month equating to £1billion payments
• 1,000 supported sites with network and voice connectivity
• 10,000 ICT service calls per month

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Becrypt is a leading supplier of innovative mobile security solutions and services that are Government-certified, and suitable for numerous industry sectors. Becrypt provides a range of cyber security solutions to protect data at rest and data in use, across a broad range of platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, running Windows, iOS and Android. Becrypt’s secure thin client technology supports virtual data infrastructure (VDI) access, enabling secure and rapid IT transformation within the enterprise, as well as cost effective secure remote access.

Through its focus on product assurance, multiple platforms and centralised management, Becrypt’s solutions enable the most security conscious organisations to deliver cost effective compliance, whilst maintaining flexibility, choice and usability for their users.

As a leading supplier of encryption technology to the UK Government, Ministry of Defence and UK Police, Becrypt also offers cyber security consultancy and bespoke systems.

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