Cloud computing is now preferred option for SMEs in courier business, providing flexibility, mobility, security and manageable costs.

London, UK – 10 June 2014

courierCourier Software, a specialist supplier of systems for international couriers, express delivery and third party logistics (3PL) operations, has published a new paper outlining the benefits to SMEs opting for cloud based software to support their business. The company states that 99% of its customers now use a cloud solution over traditional on-premise solutions, as more and more are using tablets rather than desk-based computers.

The paper explains that by outsourcing technology business risk is reduced and unexpected expense associated with in-house server solution is avoided.Cloud computing is faster to deploy, meaning minimal start-up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses and with no capital expenditure up front. It grants SMEs access to enterprise-class technology, without the laborious tasks and high costs associated with the maintenance of servers that require specialised air conditioned rooms and back up processes.

Logging onto a cloud based service ensures rapid, instant connection to meet demand and ensures a faster, better service that is also more reliable, both for the courier company and its customers. As their business grows and they wish to increase the service they offer clients, whether it be managing shipments, providing pick and pack warehouse service or enabling customers to build their distribution list, capacity can be quickly increased remotely – with no site visits to upgrade hardware systems.

Jonathan Hare, Founder and Managing Director of Courier Software said; “For our SMEs providing courier services, cost and speed and security are top of their shopping list.  Cloud based solutions enable them to take advantage of new technologies – to use tablets and phones to update information at the point of delivery – to become more competitive in a market where the smallest margins can make or break a business. With our cloud based service our customers can be up and running in as long as it takes to do the necessary administration and financial checks and send a secure password. Faster broadband times and connection to the internet has made accessing our software-as-a-service solution a faster, slicker and more cost effective way to run their business.”



About Courier Software

Founded in 2002 by a team with over 70 years experience in the courier industry, Courier Software provides specialist software and services for international couriers, express delivery and third party logistics (3PL) operators.

Courier Software’s AIM family of products provides a broad range of services including:

AIMS Express– easy to use yet highly functional solution for creating and managing courier shipments

AIMS Pick & Pack– Warehouse management system for couriers and 3PL operators

AIMS Fulfilment– Brower based list management enabling customers to build their own distribution lists

AIMS Web Sites– available as a template or as a fully customised and branded service

Delivered via the Cloud (SaaS), so there are no upfront or capital expenditure costs, AMIS is used by over 40 courier companies with operations in the UK, US, Europe and around the world.

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