New white paper from GroundVision explains move to paperless monitoring, enabling quick response for very ill patients combating rise of acute kidney injury (AKI) and sepsis

GroundVISION, a supplier of electronic patient observation solutions has announced the availability of its new Radar early warning alert system. Radar is designed to give critical care teams and early warning responders views of Early Warning Scores and insight into deteriorating patients. The solution provides real-time views of a patient’s vital signs, enabling responders to intervene earlier, with potentially life saving results. GroundVISION has also published a white paper; ‘8 Reasons why IT Matters to Patient Safety’ explaining the benefits of a paperless approach to data capture and real-time analysis in hospitals, and the implications this has on patient safety.

As well as providing early visibility of patients that are deteriorating based on their Early Warning Score, the Radar solution also analyses previous patient scores and calculates the health trajectory of the patient, making it instantly recognisable visually through colour coding (red, amber, green). Early intervention is particularly important in cases such as AKI and sepsis.

Nick Whiteley, CEO of GroundVISION commented; “Research shows that in many cases, patient outcomes are correlated to the rapidity of clinical detection and response with delays causing an increase in morbidity. Sepsis accounts for 37,000 deaths annually in the UK and costs the NHS £2.5bn a year, more than bowel cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer put together. Early detection and response is a critical tool in the fight to improve patient outcomes and reduce morbidity.”

In its new white paper, GroundVISION explains the importance of access to real time data within hospitals, and particularly in a critical care environment, on which to base decisions. By moving away from paper based recording, and embracing technology, hospitals are able to learn from collective previous experience, making a tangible difference to patient care and positive outcomes. Whiteley explains; “The real value of IT is not what it replaces, but what in enables. While streamlining processes with technology does save money, where it really makes a difference is in improving quality and saving lives, by transforming procedures.”

The white paper goes on to compare the safety record of the NHS with that of the airline industry, commenting that by adopting more technology for real-time data capture and analysis, the health sector would significantly improve its patient safety track record.

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