Game changer in managing staff working patterns, Imperago, introduces relative Risk and Fatigue scores to safeguard staff health and safety

Imperago has announced the availability of new functionality for Risk and Fatigue management within its revolutionary Workforce Design software. Imperago Workforce Design has been developed to help organisations with complex 24/7 working environments to create ideal work patterns and shifts that optimise existing workforce management systems. The new solution provides relative risk and fatigue scores associated with individual shift patterns, enabling organisations to quickly identify areas of higher risk and fatigue. This gives the business the opportunity to adjust shift pattern criteria, to produce alternative work patterns, safeguarding worker health and safety.

Robert Ayers, Group Customer Account Manager at Imperago stated; “There have been plenty of studies that link many elements of poor performance with fatigue. Tired staff often don’t adequately perceive risk, and may tolerate risks they would usually find unacceptable, leading to lower standards of performance and safety. While there are some causes of fatigue that an employer has little control over, there are also work related factors. These include timing of working and resting periods, length and number of consecutive work duties, intensity of work demands.”

Utilising Health & Safety Executive (HSE) methodologies, Imperago Workforce Design now incorporates risk and fatigue measurements giving businesses the ability to denote work demands, work breaks and durations, as part of the shift pattern criteria. This enables organisations to identify potential areas of concern and mitigate the risk with an alternative work pattern that alleviates the issue.
Imperago Workforce Design addresses the challenges that many organisations with 24/7 operations face in balancing staff working patterns with business needs. Imperago Workforce Design can be standalone or work with existing systems, helping companies to create shifts to meet working legislation, staff work/life balance, manage staff fatigue and financial and operational demands. In live customer pilot testing Workforce Design saved £170k (7.5%) on one shift for an airport service provider simply by removing the need for overtime, while also increasing the rest to work ratio for the staff concerned.


About Imperago
Imperago is a specialist software and services company that enables companies to plan and manage work patterns, shifts and rosters, ensuring that they get the most out of their existing workforce management solutions.

Imperago has experience of offering a unique combination of expert consultancy and advanced technology to help organisations identify and address workplace-related issues and then deliver the optimum solutions which ensure long-term staff satisfaction and business efficiency.

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