20 October 2016

London/Oslo, UK

ntelecom Group AS has announced the latest enhancements to its multi-channel cloud-based contact centre solution.  As an ISO 90001 and ISO 27001 certified, PCI DSS compliant organisation, quality and information security management are top priorities for Intelecom.  The new security features build additional resilience into the contact centre environment with the introduction of two-factor authentication and an IP address whitelist for logon.  At the same time, new Web Chat functionality underlines Intelecom’s ongoing commitment to improving real-time interactions for next generation customer service.

Christian Thorsrud, Product Manager at Intelecom commented, “The evolution towards cloud technology and the rising popularity of instant communications channels such as Web Chat places greater emphasis on security and real-time response within contact centres today.  With our latest Chat innovation users have a short cut into the correct department to handle their enquiry, to reduce time and improve customer service.  When combined with enhanced levels of security, organisations everywhere can be confident their conversations and client data are kept protected at all times, whatever the preferred method of customer interaction.”


Main highlights of the latest version of Intelecom include:

Intelecom has introduced two-factor authentication which makes logging into the system more secure. When users enter their password, they automatically receive an email or SMS text message providing them with a second password, making it difficult for other users to share or steal passwords and effectively doubling the security around the log-in process. What is more, Intelecom’s new and advanced security feature can detect IP addresses meaning that, when required, log-in is only possible from a specified physical location or remotely via a secure server.

For those customers needing this additional layer of security, for example public sector organisations, it is easy to set up and with minimum additional investment.

Web Chat

Of the numerous Web Chat enhancements included in the latest release of Intelecom, one of the most useful to customers is the option to create a drop-down list in the Chat form.  This enables customers (chatters) to determine which department their Chat enquiry should be directed to, simply by clicking on the queue or department on the drop-down screen menu. For example enquiries could be sent to sales, support or finance to reduce enquiry resolution time and improve customer service.

The drop-down list in Web Chat can also be used for information required before the chatter starts to Chat including potential topics or the main reason for the enquiry.

Over the past year, Intelecom has invested heavily in enhancing its Web Chat and real-time channels. The company recently introduced Chat Survey, mobile support for Chat and launched WebRTC softphone capabilities to meet increasing customer demand for real-time interactions in the contact centre. Intelecom was positioned as ‘Challenger’ in the Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service, Western Europe[i].

For more information on Intelecom, its complete solutions portfolio and today’s latest product improvements, visit www.intele.com


About Intelecom

Intelecom is a leading provider of cloud-based contact centre solutions.  With approaching two decades of experience, Intelecom was one of the first to develop a cloud-based contact centre.  Highly flexible and scalable, Intelecom can be adapted to accommodate one to several thousand concurrent agents using any device, in any location and integrates with multiple applications seamlessly.

Intelecom is one of the few contact centre solutions that is completely multi-channel.  Intelecom agents can respond to Phone, Email, Chat, Social Media and SMS enquiries all within the one application.

ISO 9001, Quality Management specifies requirements for quality management systems (QMS).  It is the world’s most recognized QMS standard.  Certification of Intelecom’s quality management system demonstrates its ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer – as well as legislative and regulatory requirements.

ISO 27001, Information Security Management is a set of standards which help to keep data secure.  ISO 27001 is the best-known standard and requires the use of an information security management system (ISMS). By working with Intelecom, customers are assured that quality, safety, service and product reliability of its organisation have been safeguarded to the highest level.

PCI DSS, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.  By working with Intelecom, contact centres will benefit when it comes to security and PCI audits.

For more information please visit www.intele.com


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[i] Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service, Western Europe, Steve Blood, Drew Kraus, Daniel O’Connell, 15 October 2015