Specialist risk management software supplier publishes infographic with ideal risk management team

Maidenhead, UK. 10 December 2014 – Sword Active Risk today published a new infographic depicting the make up of the ideal risk management team. Based on a previous comprehensive survey supplemented with anecdotal evidence gathered during many high profile deployments of enterprise risk management solutions, the infographic shows the various personality types required to make up a strong risk team.
Keith Ricketts, Marketing Director at Sword Active Risk commented; “We found that risk managers have many different personality profiles, however, there is a stereotypical risk manager and about 60% fall broadly into this category, which we call Technicians. The other types were Evangelists, who made up about 30% and Drivers who made up about 10%. In our experience, the ideal risk team includes a combination of all these types because to be truly effective and bring out the best in the team as whole you need a mix of skills.”

Technicians – the archetypal risk manager – are analytical, cautious, numerate, precise and principled, capable of gathering, recording and analyzing large amounts of data. However they are not necessarily so good at communications and in particular, persuading other departments of the importance of providing risk data.

Evangelists tend to be inspiring leaders, very optimistic, diplomatic and persuasive. They can be verbose and prone to exaggeration, and can appear to lack gravitas. Drivers are very pragmatic, results driven, focused and determined, preferring results to facts. They can be demanding, impatient with little time for detail, feeling that the end justifies the means.

Ricketts continued; “Technicians need Evangelists to help them sell the benefits of risk management to other departments, including the Board. The risk team also needs some Drivers to ensure that objectives are achieved, projects stay on track and are brought to a successful conclusion.

“Having a mix of these personality types can cause friction, however, acknowledgement that each has their own talents, and works in different ways, is a good step towards maintaining an efficient and harmonious team. Learning how to deal with other personality types, possibly with some training, is critical to running a successful and highly effective risk management team.”

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