GROUNDVISION leads with physio observations for Patient Track and Trigger

GROUNDVISION, a supplier of electronic patient track and trigger solutions has added new observations to its Early Warning Scores solution. In supporting mobile technology for nurses, GROUNDVISION now leads in offering additional physio obs including Glasgow Coma Scale, Bristol stool, blood glucose levels, fluid balance and patient Acuity/Dependency. Users can now receive alerts when patients are at risk in many more situations, ensuring fast reaction times which can save lives and prevent the spread of infection. GROUNDVISION can be integrated with existing patient care systems, or used as a standalone solution to give early warning of deteriorating patients. The solution can be configured for use by different groups such as nurses, critical care teams, infection control, ward managers, junior doctors and consultants.

As well as eliminating errors associated with manual recording and calculation of early warning scores, GROUNDVISION now helps nurses and clinicians to record:
• Bristol stool observations, allowing analysis alerting to possible dehydration, or in the case of diarrhoea, potential cases of clostridium difficile (C.diff).
• Glasgow coma scale, to gauge the severity of an acute brain injury;
• Fluid Balance, to monitor what the patient takes in and what comes out, with built in calculations to allow for perspiration and respiration based on age and weight, flagging up potential kidney issues, or water retention;
• Blood sugar/glucose observations.
• Acuity and Dependency.

GROUNDVISION provides an easy to use alternative to paper-based solution and can be used with a tablet or smart phone. Based on real time calculation functionality, for example with Bristol stool observations, if a potential case of C.diff is suspected, the system triggers a series of processes, such as sending samples for testing and isolating the patient due to infection risk. The system can also initiate C.diff and sepsis 6 care pathways. The system is fully configurable, allowing it to send alerts to different user communities depending on the situation and action required.

Nick Whiteley, CEO of GROUNDVISION stated; “We are adding a range of new observations to the GroundVISION solution, building into a full Patient Track and Trigger solution. The Bristol stool reporting makes a major difference in identifying and containing infection, such as C.diff. As well as enabling hospitals to provide better care and outcomes for the patient, it is instrumental in helping to avoid costly fines for contravention of infection targets. It ensures that procedures are followed, and provides an audit trail in support of the CQC processes enabling the hospital to take remedial action to prevent future incidents.”


GROUNDVISION provides a highly effective electronic patient observation solution that records and calculates patient Early Warning Scores, and combines it with patient acuity and dependency to inform staff levels and skills mix.

Supplied as a Software as a Service, GROUNDVISION also includes dedicated wifi and mobile devices to provide a complete solution that provides a holistic approach to safe staffing, risk and patient management.

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