New solution enables fast, secure and auditable access to NHS spine-enabled applications with just the tap of a badge

London, UK – 12 September, 2017—Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, has successfully introduced Imprivata OneSign® Spine Combined Workflow which provides fast, secure access to NHS Spine-enabled applications. The solution streamlines clinical workflows by delivering No Click Access®, which replaces smartcard re-authentication methods. By combining NHS Spine access with convenient two-factor authentication, Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow secures patient data by eliminating smartcard workarounds, increases clinician productivity and supports compliance with NHS standards.

Imprivata is hosting a webinar on 19th September at 10am where attendees will see a comprehensive overview of Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow. Click here for more details and to register

Swift access to patient data is imperative in a healthcare setting where delays in accessing accurate data can negatively impact patient outcomes. In some healthcare settings it can take up to 25 seconds, or longer, each time a system user logs in to an NHS Spine-enabled application. As clinicians access these applications multiple times a day some resort to workarounds to save time such as leaving smartcards in machines, or sharing login credentials in an attempt to speed up the process. This creates information governance issues and breaches audit policy by failing to record an accurate audit trail of clinical activity.

With Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow, after an initial login to the Spine, with just a tap of a badge, clinicians and care providers are instantly logged in to their desktop and automatically signed into their NHS Spine-enabled applications without typing a single username or password, or inserting a smartcard.

Andrew Harrison, Senior Product Manager – International, at Imprivata explains; “Since deploying Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow in customer environments we have seen Spine application log in times reduce dramatically. The solution supports integrated workflow automation for every major Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, ensuring accurate information is available securely and in real-time to authorised system users. Clinicians and care providers are no longer grappling with technology but benefiting from quicker log in times at the point of patient care.”

Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow also offers support for NHS Spine session roaming with, or without, a virtual desktop (VDI) infrastructure, enabling a consistent user experience at the point of patient care, regardless of location or device.

To understand more about Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow, join our webinar on 19th September at 10am. Click here for more details and to register .

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