So you have your process in place and your perfect Risk spreadsheet template on the company portal….why are you still spending precious time in umpteen risk review meetings, taking all the notes and amalgamating all the data, when what you really should be doing is analysing it?
For those of you that haven’t yet introduced your business users to Risk Express, here’s something to whet your appetite. We’ve picked three screens that we think really bring the application to life and most importantly could help you to wean users off spreadsheets and onto something altogether more sophisticated, that is every bit as easy to use.
Risk Assessments in seconds

Much better looking than a spreadsheet, this screen enforces standard scoring and data capture, making risk identification, assessment and task management easy for your business community.
With its built in functionality there is no need for spreadsheet templates and macros, making life much easier for you and your business users.

With screens this intuitive, you’ll need fewer meetings to get data updated as Action Owners simply update their tasks themselves, giving you more time to prepare your findings.

And what’s in it for you?
• Empower all levels of your organisation to do Risk Management for themselves
• Users enter and update their risks and actions just as if they were in front of a spreadsheet, but their data is audited, secure, held centrally, and easily reportable; all providing you and your business a holistic view of the threats and opportunities that require management.
• Spend less time collecting spreadsheets, inputting data and making updates for others
• Spend more time enriching your Risk management process, analysing risk and opportunity data and providing insights to the Board that help them make better decisions
• Get the ownership of risk data where it belongs with the Risk Owners, business managers, project staff and process heads who have the knowledge to identify risk and put plans in place to avoid costly impacts
• Capturing and updating risk data is as easy as with a spreadsheet, but with the consistency, rigor and process driven from the ARMs powerful enterprise engine

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