Copenhagen, Denmark – September 9, 2015 – Secunia, a leading provider of IT security solutions that enable management and control of vulnerability threats, today published a Vulnerability Update with the Top 20 vulnerable products for May, June and July.

The product with the most vulnerabilities over the three month period was the Avant browser, and once again, IBM comes in as the vendor with the largest number of vulnerable products.
It is the fourth time Secunia has issued a Vulnerability Update. The recurring update provides a monthly Top 20 of products with the most vulnerabilities recorded over a three month period, along with brief comments from Secunia Research. The first edition was published in June 2014.
In this latest edition, Secunia Research provides commentary on vulnerability issues tied to the Avant browser, Stagefright Android media player, and the troubling escalation in the number of vulnerable products to date between January – July of this year. The Vulnerability Update also lists the number of new vulnerabilities in the Top 20 over the 3 month period: 2,211; the vendor with most vulnerable products in the 3 month period: IBM, and the product with the most vulnerabilities: Avant Browser.
As you look through the Top 20 lists of vulnerable products published in the reports, it is clear that it is completely erratic which product names make it onto the lists from month to month.
“For as long as Secunia has been in business, we have tried to get exactly that message across to IT security professionals across industries: you cannot predict what products will be making your infrastructure vulnerable next month, based on what made it vulnerable this month. And you certainly shouldn’t assume that, by patching the 10 high-profile software names that spring to mind when you think about what is in your infrastructure, you are all set and secure. Keeping track of what makes your environment vulnerable is an ongoing and complex task, that requires a combination of vulnerability intelligence and visibility of applications, devices and business critical data in your systems,” said Kasper Lindgaard, Secunia Director of Research and Security, in a comment to the latest Vulnerability Update.
You can download the Vulnerability Update No. 4 here.
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