Easy to use UI brings business application more in line with social media type applications

Chessington, 8th January 2015 – Europe’s leading independent test labs facility, Broadband-Testing has completed its assessment of Sunrise Software’s Service Management platform Sostenuto. The published report finds that Sunrise has successfully bridged the gap between traditional business applications and the new style app typically used by social media platforms, and provides one of the most comprehensive and flexible Service Desk platforms currently available. Sostenuto v4.9, the platform which underpins each of Sunrise’s products, has a brand new user interface (UI) that uses HTML5 and includes new gamification concepts that actively engage users, particularly workers from the ‘facebook generation’ that are now moving into the workplace.
Steve Broadhead, Founder & Director of Broadband Testing commented; “Sunrise Software’s Sostenuto v4.9 platform is leading the charge to bring Service Desk software into the 21st century. This latest version has significantly simplified the user interface (UI) making it very compelling to use, without sacrificing any of the wide range of functionality for which this platform is renowned. The contemporary interface lends itself perfectly to smartphone/tablet usage. In addition, the gamification elements within the system help with staff engagement and motivation, which has been proven to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.”
The in-depth analysis of Sostenuto v4.9, which is the underpinning platform for Sunrise Software’s IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, HR Case Management and Sunrise Service Provider products, looked at every aspect of the technology. The solution has been engineered as a cloud service, designed to be a scalable, secure, highly available and reliable enterprise-class service without costly hardware and upfront licence fees. The report analyses a range of new features that include administrative functionality and praises Sunrise’s platform approach to providing Service Desk applications.
Geoff Rees, Business Services Director at Sunrise Software commented; “At Sunrise we are committed to keeping our products moving with the times, and ensuring that they continue to meet market requirements. Therefore, it is crucial for us to seek the kind of independent, expert assessment provided by Broadband-Testing. We are delighted with the feedback we have received, it is always good to get an independent stamp of approval.”
For a copy of the Broadband-Testing report: Sunrise Sostenuto 4.9, please contact Andreina West: 01491 639500, andreina@pra-ltd.co.uk or go to: www.sunrisesoftware.com/resources/.



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About Sunrise Software
Sunrise Software has 20 years’ experience implementing service management software that enables organisations to support both internal and external customers. The software is designed to meet industry best practice and is easily configurable to meet individual organisations’ specific needs.
The software is browser based, making it easy and intuitive to use. It comes in several versions suitable for Customer Service departments that are speaking to external customers, IT departments providing technical and support services to the business, and other departments such as Facilities management and HR/Payroll that are providing services to staff and managing third party suppliers.
The software is available on-premise or as a Software as a Service/ Cloud solution and is used by numerous high profile organisations including Anglian Water, the NHS, University of Greenwich, Muller Dairy and many more.
For more information please visit: www.sunrisesoftware.com
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