New apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones streamlines reporting for incidents, accidents, hazards and concerns
Maidenhead, UK. 22 June 2017 – Sword Active Risk, a supplier of specialist risk management software and services, will preview its all new Mobile Incident Capture SNAPPit app at the Active Risk Manager (ARM) Global Conference in London on 22 June. ARM SNAPPit, is the first in a series of tools and apps from Sword Active Risk designed to streamline the collection and communication of risk information and promote new collaborative ways of working that engage the business user with the risk management process.

ARM SNAPPit, which will be available to download from the apps stores (iOS, Android and Windows), enables business users to record details of incidents, accidents, hazards, concerns and observations on the spot. It updates ARM in real time via Wi-Fi or 4G, or when the user is next online, so that investigations or other appropriate action can start immediately to prevent further harm. It typically replaces paper based and manual methods of recording and reporting incidents, including the use of personal mobile phones for taking and storing photographs of hazards. With ARM SNAPPit all evidence is kept centrally within ARM providing an audit trail of what occurred, supporting documentary evidence for regulatory reporting. This helps to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and minimizes both lost work time due to injury and claims costs.

As well as saving time for those reporting incidents and accidents, and for risk managers and health and safety executives who no longer need to chase down all the information in order to enter it on the system, ARM SNAPPit also ensures that minor incidents are more likely to be reported, simply because it is easy to do so, leading to more complete and more accurate data.

Keith Ricketts, VP Marketing at Sword Active Risk said; “ARM SNAPPit has been developed in conjunction with our customers. We are committed to providing solutions that empower the business user, making the collection and assimilation of information easy and straightforward. By providing streamlined workflows using the latest consumer grade technology, business users are better able to complete tasks ensuring that central information systems are as complete and accurate as possible, ensuring that the organization can take information based decisions.”

The ARM Global Conference London, takes place on 22 June, at The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair, London. For more information visit:

Sword Active Risk is a key supporter of the newly launched Risk Agenda 2025 project from the Institute of Risk Management (IRM). The purpose of the Risk Agenda 2025 is to stimulate debate within the risk community by examining how enterprise risk management might be delivered in 2025 and by then proposing different ways that the risk management profession might prepare itself for the possible future scenarios. To take part in the survey visit: Risk Agenda 2015 Survey

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About Sword Active Risk
Sword Active Risk makes risk management simple, valuable and personal. Sword Active Risk provides the world’s first risk management software that drives business performance by enhancing visibility, accountability and confidence at project, program and enterprise levels. Active Risk Manager (ARM) is the first solution available which integrates Risk Management, Cost Management and Schedule Management to show the real impact of risk, to enable better-informed decisions, and the ability to leverage risk, creating competitive advantage.

Sword Active Risk is the project risk software provider of choice for the world’s leading Energy, Infrastructure and Defense projects, working with organizations like the US Air Force, Bechtel, Crossrail, US Federal Aviation Administration, Lockheed Martin, Rio Tinto and Skanska to manage project risk worldwide.

Sword Active Risk has offices in the UK, USA and Australia, servicing customers worldwide directly and through a growing network of partners.

In September 2013 Active Risk was acquired by Sword Group. For more information please visit:

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