Telogis introduces the next generation of Telogis Progression with the introduction of Dynamic Response Suite, developed for service and supply chain customers across multiple industries.

The new suite is an extension of Telogis’ comprehensive, SaaS-based connected intelligence platform, and includes four modules including: Telogis Control Room, Plan vs. Actual (PvA), ETA and Dispatch.

“With the introduction of the Telogis Dynamic Response Suite, we are delivering the industry’s first – cloud-based or otherwise – comprehensive planning suite; from a long range strategic plan down to final mile – and even final meter – delivery,” said Newth Morris, co-founder, Telogis and president, Telogis Route & Navigation. “The Telogis Dynamic Response Suite works in concert with other applications on the Telogis platform to deliver the 360-degree job visibility, better customer service, continuous workflow improvement and the total orchestration of work in the field.”

Telogis Control Room
As its name suggests, Control Room provides real-time visibility into a commercials’ commercial vehicles, assets and mobile resources that includes key information that affects how a day’s jobs are executed. This information can include real-time traffic, weather and alerts such as when a technician or delivery has arrived late, Gantt chart display of job statuses, warnings and two-way messaging from the back office out to the technician’s mobile device.

Telogis PvA (Plan vs. Actual)
Developed to give visibility into how the day’s plan has unfolded, Telogis PvA keeps customers’ back-office teams informed and responsive in order to meet customer service demands no matter what changes took place. In addition, PvA reports can be used to validate if the plan and route were followed, if unnecessary miles were driven, or if time window service-level agreements (SLAs) were met. Live PvA visuals and Insight alerts on the map also give real-time actionable feedback. This allows for cost and productivity analysis as well as driver training opportunities that will ensure your team is continuously improving.

Telogis ETA
Telogis ETA module provides the ability to predict the estimated time of arrival while taking into consideration last-minute changes, traffic, weather, Hours of Service compliance constraints, last-mile customisations and any other real-time events. Sharing this ETA internally and/or with customers and partners in real time enables a higher level of customer experience with proactive alerts and re-optimisation opportunities.

Telogis Dispatch
Telogis Dispatch provides dynamic and optimised dispatch capability for service and delivery fleets, using the same rules used to create original Route plans, to augment and automate current dispatch operations. Ability to dispatch new jobs to already busy schedules by minimising the impact on overall operations help make better decisions faster. Easily making changes to existing routes that reflects immediately on mobile devices provides continuous route optimisation opportunities.


About Telogis
Telogis Inc., the platform for location intelligence, is dedicated to enhancing the value of its customers’ businesses through intelligent integration of location technology, information and services.

Telogis was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., with offices in Europe and Latin America as well as development centers in Austin, Texas, Toronto, Canada and Christchurch, New Zealand. Telogis’ products and services are used and distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Telogis has been established in the UK since 2008, and has a growing customer base using its full range of Telogis Location products including the Telogis GeoBase geospatial platform.

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