Inventory optimisation solution drives efficiencies and boosts customer loyalty for Europe’s premier fitness, yoga and pilates accessory specialist.

Guildford, Surrey, UK – 25 June 2014

madThe-Mad-Group, leading supplier of quality fitness, yoga and pilates accessories and equipment to the sports retailer and fitness industry, has deployed inventory optimisation software from supply chain planning specialist AGR to automate its stock control processes. The-Mad-Group has experienced a period of rapid business expansion that has attracted a new set of customers with diverse purchasing needs.  Since installing AGR Inventory Optimiser the organisation has doubled its annual turnover whilst stabilising inventory levels and minimising stock-outs.

The-Mad-Group sought to improve its inventory management operations in a bid to meet the increasingly complex demands of customers with diverse buying patterns.  In addition, an ever-expanding product portfolio of over 1000 items, frequently sourced from different factories around the world with lead times varying from 90 to 135 days, prompted The-Mad-Group to find a more efficient way to plan and optimise its inventory.  It was looking for a new solution to link easily and cost-efficiently with the organisation’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Jet Reports business intelligence systems.

After seeing a demonstration of AGR Inventory Optimiser at a NAV customer event, The-Mad-Group took the decision to purchase the system.

David Elliott, Managing Director of The-Mad-Group, commented,“From the outset I was impressed by the level of automation the technology could deliver. It was very graphical and could provide the dynamic data we needed in a single integrated solution.  AGR offered an easy-to-use option that was cost-efficient and blended well with our existing ERP environment.  It came highly recommended by our Microsoft partner and encouraged by the success stories of other AGR users, we believed that AGR Inventory Optimiser fitted our requirements and was the perfect solution for taking our business forward in the future.”

With the help of AGR’s consultancy team, it took The-Mad-Group just ten days to implement the new solution and link it seamlessly with the company’s existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.  The Managing Director and Senior Buyer of The-Mad-Group are the primary users of AGR Inventory Optimiser with the sales force referring to the system before committing to large orders that might negatively impact other regular customers.  AGR’s graphical interface is a huge benefit for The-Mad-Group.  At a glance, users have complete clarity of what stock is available saving time and boosting customer loyalty as a result of accurate delivery information.

Melissa Cupis, Managing Director AGR-UK Ltd concluded, “Our proven technology, expert consultancy experience and responsiveness as a customer service team combine to help fast-moving and dynamic companies like The-Mad-Group to drive tangible efficiencies across an often complex supply chain.  Real-time, graphically displayed data gives all the information needed to manage fluctuating stock levels and unexpected spikes in product demand in a way that minimises inventory, avoids stock-outs and keeps both existing and new customers happy.  The-Mad-Group is proof that boosting performance within the supply chain attracts new business and positively impacts the bottom line.”


About The-Mad-Group and Fitness-Mad
The-Mad-Group was originally established in 1923 and over the years has evolved into new markets.  The group now encompasses Fitness-Mad, Yoga-Mad and Pilates-Mad offering the most comprehensive and competitively priced products to the European sports and leisure industry.

Pilates-Mad is Europe’s premier Pilates equipment specialist and, together with sister brand Align-Pilates, supplies a complete range of high quality accessories and apparatus to Pilates Studios, commercial gyms and health clubs in the UK and beyond.

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About AGR
Founded in 1997, AGR is a Supply Chain Planning specialist company offering software and consultancy solutions that optimise the flow of goods throughout the supply chain for distribution, retail and manufacturing companies. AGR’s main expertise is in the field of inventory planning, offering an inventory planning and optimisation solution.

The company’s main solution, AGR Inventory Optimiser, eliminates excess costs from the supply chain by optimising inventory levels, reducing lost sales and replacing time-consuming manual replenishment processes.

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