Agency fees – getting value for money

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 Why work with an agency?

When you want to increase your marketing efforts or change the focus of your marketing strategy you might consider either recruiting more staff or hiring an agency.

While it’s good to take on new staff with a passion for your products or service, there are plenty of benefits from contracting an agency

* An instant team with a mix of specialist skills that can be adapted to your marketing campaigns – from telemarketing, writing and publishing digital content or emailers to promote an event

* Media contacts and publications knowledge to support your marketing efforts

* Industry knowledge adding fresh ideas and perspectives to your existing product promotions

* A quick response with a team of people ready to work on your campaign activity.

What about monthly fees?

Having a team of experts at your disposal often means paying a hefty retainer. While it’s comforting to think you have people on standby, the question is often asked – what exactly are we paying for?

You may be paying for a service that doesn’t always equate exactly to the hours spent. There may be busy times leading up to an event or news announcement, quiet times during holiday periods or when new products are on hold.

A fixed fee and a focus on deliverables

At PRA we take a fresh approach.

Our mantra has always been a fixed fee agreed in advance, focused on deliverables. You know exactly what you are paying, up front, with no hidden extra charges. As well as the same benefits, this approach ensures attention on the activities that make the difference, such as:

* Researching and writing product news, mailers, thought leadership pieces

* Keeping the content pipeline momentum

* Fresh content ideas and angles

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