Does AI signal the end of the copywriter?

Business/Project Management

Everywhere we read about the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform just about everything. Is it the end of the marketing copywriter?


AI has huge potential, but like any new idea or technology, it is subject to the ‘hype cycle’[i].


There are already content generators which apparently can generate pretty good copy.  Should marketeers be worried?  Yes and No. While these algorithms can generate copy, it is more suited for using on a website for SEO purposes, and it will always need a human eye to check that the copy is appropriate. 


Remember the cautionary tale of the Bot that was set up on Twitter to learn from social media – it had to be taken down after a few days because it had learned to be foul-mouthed and offensive!


People buy people first

AI generated content may also be OK for product descriptions, instructions, and documentation. The type of content that needs to be written but it’s more of a chore than a delight.


Attracting the attention of human readers, with all their quirks and foibles, needs a human touch. As algorithms become more and more commoditised and homogenised it will take human creativity to write something completely different and eye-catching.


 At PRA we believe in working with people to get the best results.


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