Getting into the Nationals

Business/Project Management

Great idea.  But ask yourself, ‘What would Aunt Ethel think?’

Other questions to ask yourself are, ‘Why are we targeting national press?’, ‘What will the business get out of it?’ and ‘Is it worth the time, effort and cost?’


The reason to ask what Aunt Ethel would think is because national news is aimed at the population at large (with some nuances to match demographics). Can your story be explained to someone that is not in the business world, and would they be interested? 


The value of Media Training

Playing with the big boys can be rough. There is no copy approval.  The journalist can, and will, take whatever you say and use it to further their story.  And there is no such thing as ‘off the record’!


This is where media training is invaluable for your spokespeople.  Usually conducted with an experienced journalist, they will explain exactly what a reporter expects, how to react to questions, and will help reinforce the lesson with role play scenarios.


There are some extremely valid reasons for wanting to get coverage in the nationals, it may draw attention to your brand, it may attract investors, it may enable you to recruit the best talent. But will it generate leads?  That depends on the nature of your business.   


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