How to make your website content work harder

Business/Project Management

Your blog can be a great way to engage with your audiences on a regular basis.

Keeping it updated and fresh, with a variety of content that is of interest to your readers and prospects can be time-consuming but it is an important marketing investment.

From humble beginnings your blog can grow

From the essence of an idea, to fully crafting your blog, thought leadership piece or white paper, each piece can have its standalone identity, as well as work together.  Add in some emailers, and you have a campaign that supports your marketing strategy and messages, raising your brand’s profile, attracting customers – and winning new business.

Like a Swiss Army knife, a blog can be multi-purpose

It can:

* promote an idea or share hints and tips in a short, easy to read format which is a condensed version of a longer format thought leadership piece or white paper. Include a link, get people to register, and build your opted-in marketing database

* promote events such as webinars or customer conferences, encourage registrations and link to supporting content

* include customer stories that can be used as examples to demonstrate best practice or share ideas amongst your user community. Or provide a link for visitors to download the full case study and build your database of contacts

* announce new products and services, explaining the rationale behind the launch, and the benefits that customers can expect.

At PRA we have the expertise and experience to help your blogs work harder and to create compelling marketing campaigns that ensure your brand is part of the conversation. With our IT industry knowledge and contacts in key publications we can help to widen your audience and attract new customers.

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