Is traditional PR dead?

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Is pay-to-play the only way?

Unless you already have a very high profile it can seem almost impossible to get press coverage, even when you have genuinely interesting news.  So what can you do to get your voice heard? 

For show-stopping, jaw-dropping news, there is always a market, as there is for well written independent (ie. product agnostic) thought leadership. For everything else, there’s a deal to be struck.


It is true that many trade and business publications now take a much more ‘pay-to-play’ approach but there are ways to work with this. There is straight-forward advertising, and the obvious advertorial type arrangements, but there is also a whole host of other more creative ways to build relationships with publications that are mutually beneficial.


For example:

  • Sponsoring an event or whitepaper
  • Entering Industry Awards
  • Listings and directories
  • Providing expert opinion or thought leadership
  • Offering to provide regular content – like a blog

By working with publications and building a relationship on the PR and marketing front you can ensure that your news and views reach the right audience, and it might even generate a few leads.


At PRA we combine sparkling thought leadership content with a news programme that will get you genuine press coverage, and advise on where best to spend your advertorial budget to get the biggest bang for your buck.


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