Newsletters are the new Blogging!

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In the era of fake news, click bait and social media fatigue, how do you cut through the noise to make your voice heard?

Email newsletters are making a come-back. Platforms such as Substack, Revue and TinyLetter (owned by MailChimp) are seeing enthusiastic take up from writers keen to connect directly with their audiences. Some high profile journalists have left respected publications to go it alone, and are doing very nicely.  Substack, arguably the market leader, not only provides the systems to send newsletters via email, and publish them online, they also take care of the subscription side, enabling writers to charge for their work (usually £5 per month or £50 per year), and take a commission of 10%. 


This is important because it means that Substack doesn’t need to sell its users’ data to monetise. So, there are no adverts, no clutter and writers own and control their mailing lists – a breath of fresh air to anyone tired of the constant shouting on social media.


This trend back to the email inbox, and people willing to pay for news that they can trust, bodes well for the corporate marketer looking to build relationships with customers and prospects.


While most marketing departments are not going to have the kind of ‘news’ that someone would pay to receive, a carefully curated, regular round-up of news, customer stories and opinion is a great way to keep in touch and keep your customers informed.  There’s nothing worse than finding that a customer has moved to another supplier simply because they had you pigeon-holed and didn’t realise that you provided the very product/service/feature that they were looking for.


Regular newsletters needn’t be a frightening overhead. If you are producing regular content anyway, it is easy enough to repurpose – or call in an extra pair of hands!


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