Struggling to find new ideas for your blog?

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Struggling to find new ideas for your blog?

A blog is a great way to add fresh content to your website, and to present a slightly more relaxed version of your brand.  It gives you the platform to share thoughts and comments that are topical and of the moment.


You start out with the best intentions.  Often there is a plan that your key spokespeople will blog on a regular basis on industry issues and trends, giving insights, sharing top tips and announcing new products and customers.

For six months you are brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, posting new content once a week, getting website visitors through your marketing campaigns.


Then the ideas start to dry up. The marketing team propose some new topics, but no-one has the bandwidth to focus on them. The posts become less regular. Twelve months pass and the new posts have dwindled to one every few months – a new customer, a product update.


Sound familiar?

Keeping website content updated and fresh can be a full-time job. It requires thought, creativity – and perseverance. It also requires a finger on the pulse of your industry to know what people are talking about.


While SEO agencies may be able to help populate your blog with articles that include your keywords, the focus is often on quantity over quality.  After all, they have keyword targets to meet.  The result is often repetitive and lacking in insights that might be of interest to your readers and prospects.


At PRA we focus on providing content that is original and interesting. Talking to your key staff and using our IT industry knowledge and contacts, we can propose new ideas and angles for blogs that entertain and inform.


We can tease out the news, product innovations and customer stories that will entice your prospects to read and find out more. We take the hard work out of content generation.



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