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Managing cultural change in a crisis

Managing cultural change in a crisis

  The coronavirus pandemic has magnified a myriad of challenges in the healthcare sector.  Whilst there is no magic cure, a change in culture can deliver seemingly miraculous benefits including reducing the effects of staff burnout, delivering a higher quality of...

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How good cyber security helps SMEs to grow

How good cyber security helps SMEs to grow

Cyber security is often discussed in terms of data breaches, regulatory fines and business disruption. What is seldom highlighted are the advantages. Effective cyber security makes it possible for companies to innovate which drives revenue, profit and growth. Joe...

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Human Automation – What’s new?

Human Automation – What’s new?

It’s time to discard the minutiae and start focusing on the future according to Dave Hoekstra. In his latest blog Dave explains that while human automation might be new to some, to others technology has been automating processes for many years. Over the last few...

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